Current Archaeology 376

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– The Galloway Hoard: unwrapping a unique Viking Age collection
– Nero, Boudica, and Roman Britain: rebellion, reconstruction, and a revised reputation
– Thomas Becket at the British Museum
– Carmarthenshire’s missing monument: uncovering a long-lost henge in Wales
– Iron in the time of Anarchy: investigating a 12th-century civil war smithy site

Plus: News, Reviews, Science Notes, Heritage from Home, Sherds, and more!

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In around AD 900, a unique Viking Age hoard was buried in south-west Scotland. Known as the Galloway Hoard, its eclectic contents come from as far as Asia, and preserve stunning examples of early medieval artistry that have not been seen for over 1,000 years. Since its rediscovery, the hoard has been carefully conserved and analysed in detail. Our cover story presents the latest discoveries as a new exhibition opens.

We next examine a much larger archaeological find whose location had also long faded from memory: Britain’s most south-westerly Neolithic henge, which has been identified during a major infrastructure project in south Wales.

The Vaynor Farm henge’s demise may have come about amid dramatic cultural changes at the onset of the Bronze Age; our third feature explores another watershed period: the medieval civil war known as the Anarchy. Can the remains of a 12th-century smithy shed light on how the Anarchy affected one fenland community?

Remaining in the 12th century, we next visit the British Museum to explore their new exhibition about Thomas Becket. Artefacts and a stunning stained-glass window come together to tell the story of a murdered archbishop and why so many people in medieval Europe flocked to his shrine.

The British Museum is also telling the story of the notorious Roman emperor Nero, who came to power when the conquest of Britain was far from complete. His reign saw both the revolution of the Boudican uprising and efforts at reconciliation and reconstruction in its aftermath; we explore the latest thinking on Neronian Britain.

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