Current Archaeology 408

In this issue:

– Warham Camp: exploring an Iron Age enigma in Norfolk
– Tracing Sarmatian cavalry in Britain
– Resurrecting Imber’s ‘ghost village’
– Religion and royalty at medieval Ferns
– Making sense of the Knaresborough Hoard
– An ancient jigsaw puzzle: reconstructing a Roman arm guard

Plus: News, Reviews, Science Notes, Museum News, Sherds, Odd Socs, and more!

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Our cover story features Warham Camp, a hillfort that is ‘normal for Norfolk’ (as a Norwich girl, I’m allowed to say that!) inasmuch as it is built on flat ground, but its ramparts and ditches are no less impressive than those of its loftier counterparts. What has a recent excavation revealed about its purpose?

Warham Camp is an Iron Age monument with a Roman aftermath – and our next feature also explores the impact of empire in East Anglia. At Offord Cluny in Cambridgeshire, an isolated rural burial tells the story of a child who crossed continental Europe c.1,800 years ago, and of the man that he became. His remains represent the first genetic link to enigmatic cavalrymen known to have settled in 2nd-century Britain, but who left few archaeological traces of their presence.

The above is a story of westward migration, and we next head further west still, to Ferns in County Wexford. This was once a seat of royal power and an influential Augustinian monastery, but what has recently published research found out about the site’s early history?

We close with two Roman puzzles, the first being the Knaresborough Hoard from North Yorkshire. Found in the 1860s, it is one of the largest and most unusual late Roman metalwork hoards known in Britain, but until recently little was known about its contents or where it was found.

Finally, we learn how expert conservation work has reconstructed a rare mid-2nd-century arm guard from Trimontium Fort in the Scottish Borders.

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