Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt, written by experts in the field of Egyptology, is a lively informative global magazine appealing to anyone with an interest in this fascinating early civilisation.

Published bimonthly, this glossy well-presented magazine brings readers up to date with the latest news, discoveries, excavations and research into the history of Egypt from Predynastic times through to the modern era.

There are in-depth articles on the building of the pyramids, the lives of the great pharaohs, brewing and agriculture, health and disease, gods and goddesses, tombs and temples and ancient Egyptian art and culture. Find out about great Egyptologists and explorers, and ancient priests and peasants; discover more about Egyptian technology and the latest DNA and scanning techniques. How did Tutankhamun die? How did hieroglyphic writing work? What did ancient Egyptians eat for breakfast?

All this plus:

  • News of finds and research from around the world
  • Original research by international experts
  • Reviews of the latest books and major new exhibitions
  • Find out about great Egyptologists and explorers

J. Peter Phillips has written and published books on ancient Egypt. He lectures on the subject to Egyptology societies in the UK and abroad, and is Chair of the Manchester Ancient Egypt Society. He is a retired IT professional and has a particular interest in ancient Egyptian architecture.

Sarah Griffiths is a writer, teacher and broadcaster with over 18 years' experience with the BBC. She holds the Certificate in Egyptology from the University of Manchester, where she also studied for the BSc Hons Zoology and Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and was awarded a Master of Science in Animal Breeding from Edinburgh University.

Consultant Editor:  Professor Rosalie David OBE

PROFESSOR ROSALIE DAVID OBE has achieved world renown for her pioneering work in investigating mummies using non-destructive techniques. A former Keeper of Egyptology at the Manchester Museum, Rosalie became Director of the KNH Centre for Biological and Forensic Studies in Egyptology at The University of Manchester. Her research work into the Schistosomiasis disease has been recognised with a prestigious award from the Anglo-French Medical Society and she was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services in Egyptology.